Spotless 4.0

Disable the search engine Spotlight's indexing for a limited period of time.
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Disable or enable the search engine Spotlight's auto indexing. Turn the Spotlight entry in the hostconfig file on your Mac from yes to no or vice versa. By disabling the Spotlight's indexing you don't stop the functions that Spotlight performs, including creating bootable backups or performance issues regarding the new Mac OS X installations.

Spotless is a simple utility designed to disable and enable Spotlight's auto indexing with the click of a button.
The hostconfig file is read during the boot process to determine which services will be running once the computer has finished booting. Spotless changes the SPOTLIGHT entry in the hostconfig file from -YES- to -NO- or from -NO- to -YES-. A restart will be required to apply the change.
Please note that Spotlight searching will not be available until Spotlight indexing is enabled. This includes the "find" functionality of the Finder. The purpose of this tool is to disable Spolight indexing for a limited time while functions that Spotlight interferes with are performed - such as creating bootable backups, or performance issues related to new Mac OS X installations / upgrades.

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