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Spot, the intelligent DXCluster client software for OS X!
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Spot, the intelligent DXCluster client software for OS X!
You might be asking, "What do I need a client program to talk with my favorite DXCluster?" The answer is that most people are accessing their telnet DXCluster via their logging program which has very limited integration with the DXCluster software. How does your logging program's integration with DXCluster nodes stack up?
- Does it have an automated way to utilize all of the sophisticated spot and announcement filtering capabilities of the cluster software?
- Can it automatically look up a callsign's QRZ Web page from cluster spots?
- Does it keep track of who is connected in real-time?
- Does it have a band map that shows all of the spots from the last 20 minutes per band?
- Does it have a "keep alive" timer that ensures you are always connected?
- Does it integrate seamlessly with AR Cluster, CC Cluster, DX Spider, DX Net? Understand the differences in command syntax and hide it from you?
- Does it automatically stay up to date with the latest CTY.DAT and DXCluster.Dat files maintained by Jim, AD1C?If not, Spot is the best solution available for OS X!



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