Spin The Nut: Christmas Is Coming

Spin The Nut: Christmas Is Coming 1.0

In Spin The Nut, you navigate an acorn by firing it from rotating wood slices.
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In Spin The Nut, you navigate an acorn by firing it from rotating wood slices, with the intention of delivering it to Azoo, the acorn-obsessed squirrel. There are other ways for the acorn to get around as well - helicopter hats, adjustable redirection signs, and teleportation portals - and even more ways to destroy it or lose, which necessitate a level restart.

Getting the acorn within reach of the bug-eyed Azoo is the primary objective, but if the nut passes through any or all of the three golden acorn tokens en route, it will boost your score and contribute to perfect game completion. There's a good balance between the difficulty required to simply get the acorn across the finish line (easy) and to do so with flying colors (hard). Not as helpful are the multitude of controls added by the developers in their attempt to adapt the app to the desktop. I got stuck for a good while at one point because I forgot that I was supposed to use the "Z" and "X" keys to navigate an acorn in flight, rather than the arrow keys. The redirection signs are frustratingly slow to turn; a free-rotation system might have made more sense. On the whole though, the game provides a good action-puzzle challenge.

Sam's Protip: In this game, as in many others, there is a "Coming Soon!" world. I have seen developers make good on this promise maybe once. Don't count on new levels anytime soon, at least not for free.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Well-designed levels
  • Lots of different mechanics to play with


  • Control system is not the greatest
  • Azoo the squirrel is a whingy little freak
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