Spartan 1.0

Tool-bar customization options for display of user-specified icons.

The latest release of the ultimate desktop application for chemistry research in industry and academia.
A full range of theoretical models are available from the most intuitive user interface in the business.

Enhanced, Refined, and Fast. Now available in a Parallel Version.
In addition to the performance, stability, and functionality provided by 20 years of professional software development, the following New Features have been added.

-Tab-based visualization option for multiple open documents

-Tool-bar customization options for display of user-specified icons

-Orbital Energy Diagram provides display of occupied and unoccupied molecular orbitals, accessible from a single and convenient energy diagram table

-Refined Surfaces Dialogue, with a new menu for most commonly used graphical models

-Surface Clipping feature accessed via Surface Properties Dialogue allows for visualization inside calculated graphical models

-Calculation of Selected Area feature for composite maps accessed via the Surface Propertied Dialogue

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