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Spanish Thesaurus is a very comprehensive language utility.
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Spanish Thesaurus is a very comprehensive language utility. A thesaurus is a book that contains words in groups of synonyms and related concepts. This utility can be used without an Internet connection if what you want is to look up words or phrases. However, there are some features that do require an active Internet connection, like the word pronunciations and spell checks.

Graphically, this thesaurus looks like most other dictionary apps that I have tried before. There is a search field at the top, and the results appear on the left pane. When you click on a result, its definition will be displayed on the right pane. For each entry, the app will display extensive information like origin of the word, type of word, synonyms, antonyms, and specific uses of the word, when this information is available.

When you are looking for words, you can either look for single terms or set phrases. According to the Mac App Store page, this thesaurus has roughly 968,000 synonyms and 369,000 antonyms available.

Spanish Thesaurus has been recently updated to version 1.0.1. This update includes four new Spanish voices, a new tutorial that you can access from within the application, the ability to enter plurals or feminines in the search field, and more.

In short, although there are many online Spanish Thesaurus websites available, it is often useful to have an offline tool that can get you the information that you need when you are on the go without an Internet connection. Having this on your Mac beats carrying a 1000-page book with you all day long.

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