Space Wars 3D Screensaver 1.5

Shows 3D spaceships battling in real time.
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Like a scene from your favourite sci-fi movie, watch fleets of space ships wage war among the stars in stunning real-time 3D! Features Include: - Outstanding graphics and space ship models, remember, it's only a screen saver, not a movie or game! - Ships chase down their enemies and protect their comrades. - When ships explode, debris flies off in all directions creating a fantastic intergalactic fireworks display! - Highly detailed background scenes. Each background is a work of art, and you can download new ones like you can download space ships for the full version. - Lighting effects. The ships are now lit by the local suns in the background scene. So depending on the background there can be many lights with different colours and intensity. - New ships and backgrounds can be downloaded straight into the full version of the screen saver via the Settings screen. Couldn't be easier! - Already loads of new ships available for the full version, with many more on the way. - Optional background music. - If it's not the best space battles screensaver you've seen, tell us why and we'll try our best to please you! Feedback is always welcome!
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Adds Snow Leopard support.


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