Space rovers – by Thematica

Space rovers – by Thematica 1.0

Congratulations to everyone with successful landing of Curiosity Mars rover!
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★ Congratulations to everyone with successful landing of Curiosity Mars rover! ★
★★★ Enjoy the app! ★★★
Your child wants to be an astronaut? You can make this dream real right now! Our team prepared a great surprise for young discoverers - Moon rover and Mars rover!
New application “Space rover” will introduce kids to space exploration vehicles and will show what features they have in a real life.
Will be fun to play again and again for children, because space rovers just like a real! The game graphic with thought out details and exciting and realistic sound effects will attract the attention of children immediately.
The Application is easy to operate and has a simple easy-to-understand interface. But child should be smart about to complete all exciting tasks of the game.
Moving across the surface of sandbox with a Moon rover young explorer should find and take on the board lost astronaut, collect items for examination and set a flag.
During examination of territory with a Mars rover child will have interesting missions as collection soil samples, getting unique pictures and conveying important information to the base.
For each correctly completed mission kid will be awarded a star. For easier understanding of missions and tasks kid will see some helpful pictures on the colorful background.
▸ stimulates children’s creative and problem-solving processes
▸ makes the way to learn about space vehicles unusual and interesting
▸ has a colourful attention-grabbing graphics and exciting sounds

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