Source Code Counter

Source Code Counter 1.0

Counts the number of lines in the source code files.

SCC is a cross-platform tool written in Java to count the number of lines in source code files. Counting the number of lines in source code files can usually be done using command line tools under Unix or with an IDE, but SCC extends this to be a far easier and more customizable process. This is achieved using the following methods:

- A GUI is used to give the user complete control over which files are processed
- Blank lines are counted separately from lines containing source code statements
- Configurable regular expressions can be applied to count parts of source code files separately
- Regular expressions are applied according to a file type rather than to all files
- SCC can process any textual source code file. Some examples include Java, C/C /C#, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, TCL
- The line count is split between blank, counted and remaining lines
- Results and summaries can be exported to a CSV file for further processing

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