SolitaireStudio 1.0

A collection of addictive patience will give you some hours of pleasure.

Completed collection of amusing and addictive patience will give you some hours of great pleasure and real entertainment on your device. Nearly all Solitaire types have been united in a single pack providing you with a tough brain-storming. Activate your logics and you will even be able to design a patience of your own later. Few dozen of patiences are designed to make you relax and enjoy your playing. A real diamond on your Mac!
Solitaire games have a long and controversial history. The cradle of solitaires, or patience games is considered to be France. The very word 'solitaire' is of a French origin, and it means 'patience'. Read more about the history of solitaires .

Study the fullest collection of the rules of the most popular solitaire games like Solitaire Yukon, Solitaire Baker's Dozen, Solitaire Congress, Solitaire FreeCell, Solitaire Klondike and many others.

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