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Simple application that might come in handy to users who switched from Windows to Mac.
App that allows you to create your personal database. Main features: - Build a user interface by dragging the available interface elements (texts, links, photos, lists, menu, etc.). - Start using this interface immediately to add your data. It's quick and easy. No technical knowledge required....
Lightweight, versatile multi-tool for quick file management.
SuperTux ... Tux the Penguin's girlfriend, Penny, has been kidnapped! Tux must run, jump and stomp enemies while tracking her down! SuperTux is an open source 2D side-scroller taking strong inspiration from the Super Mario Bros. games for Nintendo....
The handy DVDxDVPro application was especially developed to help video professionals manage their video editing tasks.
Exif Untrasher
Have you ever formatted your camera’s memory card accidentally or deleted images erroneously?
Visual music browser for Mac OS X. This program won't change your mp3 files but it will create a 'hidden' folder named .krix for pre-scaled cover images in each album folder. The application window is divided into three parts: the Coffer which holds your music libraries, The Table that displays the content of a music library, and the Toolbar provides miscellaneous functionality....
Telling Folders
Do all your folder look the same? – No longer! With this little utility, you can easily put any image on top of your folder icons to make them easily distinguishable. QuickLook is supported, so you are not limited to images alone. Drag any file in......
JSON Validator
Paste in some JSON that's giving you trouble and this JSON Validator will highlight in red right where the problem is.The JSON Formatter &
AutoRate application automatically sets the rating for selected tracks in your iTunes library according to how often each track is played, and how often each track is skipped relative to the rest of your library.
Menu bar application and service for copying the: • POSIX path • URL encoded POSIX path • Server afp URL • Abbreviated (Tilde) POSIX path • POSIX path for Terminal • HFS path • Full name • Display name • Extension • Windows style......
Very sleek Google Reader desktop client. It can retrieve and display all your Google Reader news feeds on your Mac, but, unfortunately, it doesn't let you manage your feed subscriptions. In other words, if you want to add another feed, you will have to launch Google Reader to do that....