SmashingTennis 1.0

Smashing Tennis focuses on the real sport and game of tennis.
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Smashing Tennis takes inspiration from arcade games, but also focuses on the real sport and game of tennis, and so, will appeal to mac gamers, novices as well as experts, who've been looking for a straight-up game of tennis, tournaments and all. From the comfort of your Macintosh desktop, you can become the next Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Serena Williams for that matter. Yes, aim to be the best tennis player ever without getting tennis elbow!

Smashing Tennis was made with the intent of mimicking real-life movement, at least, as best as it could be done in a 2D environment. In other words, the player, after some bit of practice, will be capable of hitting, serving, smashing and dinking the ball where ever he/she wants, thanks to the formulas dedicated to realistic physics. Players will also be able to dive if they hit the ball while being slightly away from it. The game experience will be accentuated by authentic ball flight and trajectory, as well as by life-like sounds and effects, which are recordings of actual tennis matches. Smashing Tennis also gives you the option to select the difficulty mode from easy to hard, so if you'd like to jump right in and lose match after match against the computer you're very welcome to do so. Of course, you don't want do that! Pick the level of difficulty that works best for you so you will actually enjoy the game.

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