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Free Smartr Lite is the free version of Smartr, a memorization tool.
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Smartr Lite is the free version of Smartr, a memorization tool. It is a card-based learning tool that allows you to study different topics and then test your memory. The free version has a one-hundred-card limit. You can create different stacks, which can serve as categories. The default stack shows a bunch of cards with pictures of different buildings and their names and designers. You can browse through them and then see if you remember the details by clicking on the "Study" button. The study mode will enable full-screen mode and black-out secondary monitors so that you don't have any distractions and can't cheat by looking at another app simultaneously.

There are five different types of cards that you can create: question+answer, picture, vocabulary, Kanji and Hanzi characters and words. In my case, I found the vocabulary cards the most useful. You can add a word and define it, and when you enter the study mode, you will be asked to define random words that appear on your cards. This is great for studying languages or technical vocabulary.

Smartr Lite can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.

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