SlingShot 2.1

Sharing in a snap: as simple as drag, drop, paste.
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Stephen Celis

Sharing in a snap: as simple as drag, drop, paste.
• Take a screen shot and paste the link: ⇧⌘4 + ⌘V
• Or drag and drop a file, picture, or selected text onto the Slingshot icon
Slingshot automatically uploads to a service of your choice so you can spend less time fussing over sharing something and more time fussing over that something itself.
• Share screen captures, files, or your clipboard.
• Choose your own upload service—Dropbox for anything, Imgur for images (you can upload to Imgur anonymously or use an Imgur account)
• Link directly to your upload or to a web page that embeds it
• Drag and drop pictures, files, or text to share
• Automatically share screen shots as you take them
• Automatically move those screen shots to the Trash or a directory of your choice after successful uploads
• On/off upload toggle (sometimes you want to share, sometimes you don’t)
• Start Slingshot automatically when your computer starts up
• A system service provides right-click access to share from the Finder, your web browser, and other applications
• Assign custom keyboard shortcuts

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