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Sleep Pillow is an app that plays ambients sounds on your Mac.
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Sleep Pillow is a program for Mac users who work in a loud environment or need a sleep enhancement at home. This application can also come in handy to those who can't work in quiet places and wish to listen to background noises to boost their creativity and workflow.

The app provides you with numerous ambient sounds, an efficient timer utility, and an alarm tool. Furthermore, you can minimize the program and use the Menu Bar mini player to play or pause the background sounds.

An advantage of Sleep Pillow is the fact that it also offers you an integrated sound volume adjuster. This way, you can manually adjust the noise level for the playing ambient sounds without modifying the system volume.

The only thing I don't like about using this program is that you can't select a personal audio file as alarm sound.

As for the rest, Sleep Pillow is a helpful application that plays amazing and relaxing sounds on your Mac computer. The program is simple to configure, provides you with an intuitive and nicely polished interface, and comes with no price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Lets you set sleep timers and alarms
  • Gives you access to dozens of ambient sounds
  • Comes with a sound volume adjuster
  • Brings a Menu Bar app controller


  • Unable to set personal audio files as sound alarms
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