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Sky Strike is a very nice draw-the-line strategy game.
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Sky Strike is a nice draw-the-line strategy game. For those who haven't played games like Flight Control, a draw-the-line game is a game where you have to draw a line to make something happen. In this case, you are not drawing the line to make planes land on the right air runways. In Sky Strike, you control two missile turrets, and the goal is to prevent aircraft from landing on the runways.

The first level that I played had two runways, one green and the other red, and a helicopter landing pad. You shoot by clicking and dragging on one of the turrets and drawing a line that will intercept one of the aircraft on the screen. The missiles won't track aircraft, so you have to think where to shoot and how to time the shot. There are special aircraft that, when downed, will give you a special weapon. In the first level, this was a homing missing. You only have two or three of these missiles, and they can lock onto any ship on the screen automatically.

There are multiple levels that you can play and they are all very challenging. Whenever an aircraft or helicopter lands, the game is over, and your score will be how many aircraft you destroyed up until that moment.

José Fernández
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