SketchWhiz 1.2

Creates a sketched look for any image that can be opened on Mac OS X.
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SketchWhiz automatically creates a sketched look for any image that can be opened on Mac OS X, including access to your iPhoto and Aperture libraries. Each sketch style can be configured to your exact needs for any image you open. Sketch styles include:
- Colored Pencil Sketch
- Shaded Pencil
- Graphite
- Radiate
- Coarse
- Edgy
- Wet Pen
- Pop Art Sketch
The Colored Pencil Sketch style retains the natural color of your image, rendered with a colored pencil sketch style, and allows you to adjust the color saturation, brightness and color spectrum sweep of your sketch. The Shaded Pencil sketch style privides a highly artistic single color pencil rendering of your image into a sketch, and allows you to precisely define the RGB color, pencil granularity and more. Graphite provides a very cool etched sketch. Sketch styles include a configurable inspector window that will adjust to include the control set suitable for the style you've selected.
What's new in this version:
- No longer uses the Desktop as the default folder in the prompt for the save path every time when saving (uses the last opened/saved-to folder for subsequent prompts.)
- Fixed a small memory leak that could occur when saving images.



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