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SketchMee Lite 1.6

The coolest sketch generator on the planet!
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The coolest sketch generator on the planet! Now in a free version.
• When others just filter your photos in simple ways, SketchMee analyzes your photo in depth and redraws it from scratch, stroke by stroke, on a blank paper.
• The limitations of this free version are: 1 megapixel output, no color sketches, reduced maximum detail, fewer paper styles.
• Some of the awards (full version):
- Selected as main front page feature app in Mac App Store.
- Featured by Apple under "Personal Projects".
- Rated 4/5 stars in MacWorld (SE).
- App of the day on
- Rated 5 stars on
- …and countless great reviews around the web!
So what's in the paid versions?
• SketchMee (Full version) (USD $7.99) adds color sketches, 16 megapixels output, higher sketch detail, more papers.
• SketchMee Pro (USD $39.99) is for professional or advanced users and adds 128(!) megapixels output, vectorized PDF output, layered Photoshop PSD output, even higher sketch detail, and more.

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