Sinar eXposure

Sinar eXposure 7.0

Helps you capture, process, export images shot with Sinar digital camera backs.
7.0.5 (See all)
Sinar Photography

Sinar eXposureTM is a state-of-the-art, ICC based application for capturing, processing and exporting images shot with Sinar digital camera backs.
It is mainly geared towards the fashion-, portraiture- and mobile photographers. It supports the Sinarback eMotion family, i.e. Sinarback eMotion 75 and 75 LV, eMotion 54 LV, and eMotion 22 with all camera/shutter systems supported by these Sinarbacks. The Sinar Hy6TM medium format camera system is fully controllable through the intuitive eXposure interface as well, allowing to control settings such as focus, aperture, time, release among others.

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