Silent Sifter 3.5

Organize your photos and videos in minutes with Silent Sifter.
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Organize your photos and videos in minutes with Silent Sifter.
If you are suffering from digital photo overload, you can get organized and stay organized with Silent Sifter. Tell Silent Sifter what you want, and let it do the tedious work.
Perfect for you if:
- You aren't happy with how your photos are organized, but are dreading cleaning them up
- You have a camera, smartphone, or SD card full of files and need to clear some space
- You have your Photos or Videos stored in multiple places and wish they were centralized
- You aren't sure which files you have copied from your camera and which you haven't
- You have multiple cameras and want all of their photos organized
- You are a photography enthusiast or professional and want to organize your vast library of files into a custom structure (By Camera, Date, Type, RAW vs JPG, etc)
Getting Organized
- Organize by year, month, camera, resolution, file type, or whatever custom structure you want
- Import from multiple cameras directly to your organized structure
- Filter out files you don't want
- Rename files to whatever you choose
- Automatically removes duplicates and prevents file collisions
- Supports Photos, Videos, RAW files
- iPhoto input/output support
- Photo Booth input support
- Easy to set up
- No manual work needed to organize your files
- Fast processing
Staying Organized
- Silent Sifter remembers your settings
- Connect your camera again, and with one click import, organize, rename, filter all of your files exactly how you would like
- Same files on your camera? No problem, Silent Sifter will detect the duplicates and only copy new files.
What's new in this version:
+ UI updated for Yosemite (no more invisible buttons!)
+ Moments can now be zero length (so you can have 1 photo moments now)
+ Fixed issue with insufficient disk space on imports from cameras failing silently
+ Expandable windows in advanced config for better visibility to folder structures, renaming patterns, etc.


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