SigAlert Traffic Maps

SigAlert Traffic Maps 2.1

Live traffic maps widget for California & Arizona.
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The SigAlert Traffic Maps widget allows you to get the latest traffic maps for your local freeway traffic. After selecting the region to be displayed on the back of the widget, the front will display up-to-date information for the selected region (the speeds and incident reports will be updated when the Dashboard is first displayed and can be manually refreshed by moving the mouse over any route on the widget or by clicking the reload icon in the top right corner of the widget). Map Controls - The widget can be resized (from the bottom right of the widget's front) and allows panning and zooming of the map so that you can focus on the data you are interested in (settings will be stored for each instance of the widget - you can have multiple widgets showing different maps open at the same time). Use the map controls in the top left corner to pan and zoom the map, click on the "i" just below the zoom controls to flip to the back of the widget to change the currently displayed region. - Pointing the mouse over any route or incident icon will display a popup with additional details - pointing the map over a camera icon will display a live traffic camera picture from that location. The popup will automatically close after a few seconds.
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