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Free A program to manage your passwords, PINs, and secrets in a secured file.
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This application is good for keeping all your password, PINs, and secrets in one secure place. All you need to know is just one master password and let the program worry about keeping all the information safe and accessible only by you. This way you will only need to remember one password and that's it.

Have you ever watched the movie "Hackers" from 1996 with Angelina Jolie? One of the recurring themes in the movie is easy passwords. "Love", "secret", or "god" could get you into a web of corporate secrets and give you an opportunity to cause a mayhem. This problem is topical today as well. A lot of people choose to use the same easy password for all their web services, such as mail, social network sites, and even their financial information accounts. It is just way easier to keep one simple password in your head than a whole array of information for every website. But this is very dangerous. Once your password is compromised, your life is compromised. All of your personal information can be in the hands of bad guys, including access to your bank account. It is much better to have a couple of difficult-to-crack passwords. And if you do so, you really shouldn't write them down in your organizer or on any piece of paper for that matter, unless that item will be stored in a safe. It is much better to use a program that can keep your passwords secured and in one place.

This program was designed to solve the problem of having to remember many passwords. With this program you need to know only one, but you need to make sure that password is very hard to crack or guess. Numbers and special symbols always make it harder to guess your password. So the idea is simple. You use your master password to unlock the vault of your passwords. From that point, just copy and paste the required information into the corresponding fields and you are good to using your online services. This way you will have a lower chance of getting all or part of your information exposed to the bad guys.

There are more advanced programs on the market that offer the same functionality as this program does, but they cost money. This program allows you to store your password for free. It uses a secured file with 128-bit encryption. It is very hard to crack.

On the other hand, the program is missing a couple of features that I'd like to see. First of all, it does not generate passwords. It would be great to have one complicated password handy when you're signing up for a service and they are asking for a password. Just copy and paste and you do not even have to remember it. Secondly, if you lose that secured file, you will lose all of your password. I think developers should include an option to back up that file. And the final problem is that once you unlock the program with the master password, anyone can easily read your passwords (as they are not hidden with *), so if you leave your computer unattended even for a minute without closing this program - you are in trouble.

Overall, not a bad program, with some deficiencies. But it will help you keep all your passwords, PINs, and allegedly secrets in one secured place on your computer.

JW Senior editor
Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Does not erase data, unless the secure file is deleted (you will never lose passwords)


  • Safari integration only
  • Unprotected password field
  • Misleading labels
  • Never erases data from its secure file
  • No option to generate a password



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