Share Cracker 1.0

Enables investors to monitor the London Stock Exchange and FTSE.
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Share Cracker is a powerful tool for anyone that invests in the London Stock Exchange. It displays stock market information, including the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE All Share and AIM share prices, various stock market indexes such as the FTSE, AIM, Dow Jones, and others. Using this information, you can easily see the best time to invest in shares and when to hold or sell. The program downloads share prices and stock market data from free sources on the Internet and displays the data in an easily digestible form. It displays the fastest rising and falling shares and they can be sorted by name, price, percentage change, volume traded and more. Shares can be added to a Watch list so that they are always on the screen to save you hunting for them. Alarms can be set so you can instantly see if they rise above a certain level, or fall below one. These alarms can be used to decide when to buy or sell a particular share.. Your share trades are stored and you can review your purchases and sales. All the costs associated with buying and selling shares are included. Currently held shares are displayed in your portfolio and you can instantly see whether they are up or down and how much profit or loss you have made. Any FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 share can be selected and the day's constantly changing price is displayed in a chart. Pie charts show at a glance whether the market is rising or falling. Data is downloaded from the Internet according to your own schedule and this can be from five minutes to 60 minutes. Keep track ofFTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE All Share an company share prices . See the fastest rising or falling shares. Sort shares by price, volume, percentage change and other factors . Draw charts showing changes in share prices throughout the day. Record your share deals Display your portfolio and view the profit (or loss). Set alarms to warn of rising or falling shares View the Nasdaq and Dow Jones market indexes. Automatic download of share prices.



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