Shakespeare In Bits: Hamlet 1.1

This program offers you detailed info about Hamlet play.
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This program is a study guide for any Mac user who wants to analyze one of the most popular works of Shakespeare: Hamlet. The application gives you access to detailed characters descriptions, a quality animated representation of the play, stage indications, and much more.

Before playing the animation, I'd suggest you to go through the Introduction text (can be access from the main menu of the app). From this introductory material you will learn about the app's features, how the utility works, etc. Afterwards, you can read the characters' descriptions, take notes if necessary, and access the play's analysis document.

The animation is nicely drawn and the audio content is accurately synced with the text. For every scene from the play you have access to the correspondent text content, notes from the developer, and synopsis (what happens in the scene).

Another important advantage is the fact that the application provides you with accurate explanations for all antique words. This might help Mac users who aren't familiar with this type of vocabulary or had a hard time reading Shakespeare's work.

In conclusion, you should definitely buy the full version of this program if you're interested in analyzing one of the greatest Shakespeare works. The app provides you with a lot of study material, is simple to use, and comes with a very reasonable price.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Provides you with plenty of useful info regarding the play and characters
  • Offers you an analysis of the play
  • Shows subtitles


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