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Protect your privacy by hiding directories from your Mac.
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Secret Folder is a Mac utility designed to help you conceal directories from your computer and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private data. The program features a user-friendly interface, supports drag-and-drop actions, and comes at an affordable price.

All you need to do is to drag-and-drop your personal folders over the program's interface and enable the protection for each directory you want to hide from prying eyes. Once the protection is enabled, the folder in question will become invisible in Mac's Finder.

In my testing, I imported 2 folders and, according to the info from the tool's interface, the directories were immediately hidden.

However, I wanted to make sure that my folders were indeed hidden. So, I used programs like Mac's Spotlight and third-party file managers to see if the data was concealed. Both tests revealed that Secret Folder failed to hide my private data as they immediately located and displayed the "concealed" directories. In my opinion, this tool comes in handy only if you plan on hiding data from people who have very little computer experience, such as children.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports drag-and-drop actions
  • Fast processing speed
  • Requires minimum computer experience


  • Spotlight and third-party file managers can still locate the hidden content
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