Savings 3.0

Personal finance app designed for Mac with simplicity in mind.
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Savings is a personal finance application for Mac OS X. Although these applications are usually intimidating and difficult to use, Savings manages to maintain a clean and straightforward design. This program is developed for users who are new to personal finance management and who are looking for a simpler solution for tracking their money.

When you open the program for the first time you can see a welcome screen that allows you to access a sample database and an online tutorial. This way you can get to know the program before actually using it. Savings has several key features, including scheduled transactions, budget tracking, charts for viewing your progress, support for multiple accounts and so on. After creating your accounts, you can schedule your monthly payments and earnings. Savings will automatically add them to your account and set reminders for each one. In the chart section you can see the balance of your earnings and expenses and you can choose to break it down over the course of a month or the entire year. The Breakdown feature shows you how much you've earned and spent in a month and how much you've lost or saved.

If you're looking for a finance app with basic features to show you how much you're earning and spending, Savings is perfect for you.

Andreea Tigita
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