Sassoon Joiner 3.1

Sassoon Joiner is a lite font tool for Mac OS X users.
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Adrian Williams
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Sassoon Joiner is a lite font tool for Mac OS X users.
New fonts have been developed for smoother and immediate on-screen joining. Ideal for use on whiteboards.
Main Features:
- Input text in a normal document window.
- Join 'as you type' feature requested by whiteboard users.
- Tools palette floats anywhere on-screen. Less distracting than using menus.
- Preferences for joins: 'cross-bar t', 'mixed t', 'Standard f'.
- Insert glyph command accesses alternative letters in the fonts.
- Font preferences can set default font for all new documents.
- Unjoin any characters at will, while entering text, if they are not required.
- Baseline or non-baseline versions of all fonts for use with copybooks.
- Format Font, Size, Colour, Page Size.
- Print the result to a Printer.
- Save the joined text in Joiner's own file format for later import.
- Save RTF (Rich Text format) for use with other applications like Word.
- Help menu displays User Guide for the application.
- Links to reference books about handwriting.
- Updates feature can download latest version each time you launch.
- Check Updates manually downloads the latest version.

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