Santa's Super Friends

Santa's Super Friends is a time-management game in which you must build toys.
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Santa's Super Friends is an enjoyable time-management game in which you must build toys by clicking on the different parts to assemble them. In every level, there will be customers who will request toys of different colors. You need to build their toys as quickly as possible and deliver them. To build the toys you need to click on the six different parts: right arm, left arm, head, body, left leg and right leg. If you build a toy in six continuous clicks you will receive bonus points. The customers have different patience levels, so you should build your toys quickly or they will leave the place unsatisfied.

The game includes two modes: Quest and Survival. In Quest, you will have a certain numbers of toys per level that you need to build in order to advance to the next one. This mode offers three difficulty levels to choose from. On the contrary, in Survival you can play until you get tired of the game or until you lose. As you play the game, you can unlock nice ornaments to build your Christmas tree. Sadly, the game offers simple graphics and sounds. However, it has an enchanting Christmas music.

To sum up, Santa's Super Friends is an original time-management game who will surely keep you playing for hours.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Nice theme
  • Two modes


  • Simple graphics and sounds



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