SanCalculatorForMac 1.0

This is the premier SAN RAID Calculator for the Mac!

This is the premier SAN RAID Calculator for the Mac! (Also available on iPhone and iPad)
Have you been looking for a way to calculate the correct number of drives to reach a usable space? Look no further! This app is specifically designed to help. With the help of 13 year SAN veterans, The SAN RAID Calculator was designed to offer a vendor agnostic calculation to help you determine how many vendor disk to purchase or use to create usable storage space.
Many vendors treat this information with kid gloves. This calculator offers:
RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10 calculations, also including hot spares!
This calculator takes into account the difference between storage calculated using RAW marketing numbers and true space as reported by the operating system. Have you ever wondered why you purchase a 600GB disk drive and it doesn't report as 600GB in your operating system? Wonder no more! Use The SAN RAID calculator to determine the exact disks you need to request from your vendor.
The SAN calculator also features the ability to consider vendor's best practice disk drive efficiency. Did you know that disk drives slow down as you fill them up? The SAN RAID calculator gives you the ability to take this into consideration when determining your true usable space.

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