A puzzle point-and-click adventure game with the goal of unveiling a mystery.
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Samorost 3 is a puzzle point-and-click adventure game. The main character is the Gnome, who you need to guide through its journey across planets and moons. The mechanics of this game are not difficult to learn; however, you will find some puzzles along the way. Luckily, if you have any difficulties to advance, you can avoid getting stuck by playing minigames.

The story behind the game is quite poetic, as though it had been taken from a children’s book. The action is triggered by the Gnome being interested in the origins of a magic flute he finds near his home. On his journey, the Gnome meets strange creatures, with whom he communicates via animated bubbles. Likewise, he has an inventory of artifacts that he can use for solving some tasks. Since I do not want to spoil your game, this is as far as I will go into the story. Just let me tell you, that, eventually, the Gnome finds books and characters with the answers to his questions.

The game succeeds in giving the player a feeling of true exploration; however, it will not be the same if you play for a second time. What is best about the game is undoubtedly its graphics, which show great artistic value. The music is also perfect and adds to the atmosphere of the game.

All in all, Samorost3 can provide you with about an hour of pleasant gameplay. There is not much to criticize about this game, except that it is not real 3D. In this regard, you will notice that the movements of your character are restricted to a 2D plane. Finally, you would probably want to know that Samorost3 is part of a series of similar games featuring the same character.

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  • Nice story
  • Easy to play
  • Minigames that help you solve puzzles
  • Artistic graphics
  • Great music


  • Movements restricted to a 2D plane


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