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Ripples is a short story about a man who meets a nice girl in the park.
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Ripples is a short story about a pessimistic man who meets a nice girl in the park feeding some cats, and after that he gradually starts changing his attitude towards life and people. The story is told through images and letters, and some parts are even voiced, which makes the story all the more attractive. However, some of the images are repeated one by one so it would be great if it included more images. Most of them show a part of the park with a fountain and the girl standing there, and you never get to see the protagonist of the story, Koda, the pessimistic guy.

The story has very pleasant background music, which, even though it is repeated, is a great idea. To advance in the story, you just need to click on the image. Sadly, if you click unwillingly, you won't be able to get back to a previous part and probably you will need to start from the beginning. Moreover, the story is a bit sad for a little kid, so I think it is intended for adults, to make them reflect and think.

To sum up, Ripples is a short story that may entertain you if you are bored and maybe teach you something, but I wouldn't recommend it for kids.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice music
  • Nice voicing
  • Entertaining
  • Free


  • Not for kids
  • Many repeated images
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