Right Click Booster

Right Click Booster 1.3

Add customized commands you can access via right-clicking.

Right Click Booster is intended to create customized commands you can access via right-clicking or the control + click combination. The tool works as a Finder extension and is absolutely integrated with your system, so much so that it is difficult to know it is even there.

It is good that there is an introductory tutorial to help you as this is one of those apps that may leave you wondering what to do next. There are two phases in using this tool: one is when you configure the right-click commands and the other is when you actually access those commands.

Fortunately, the application comes with a series of default commands you can add to your right-click menu. The possibilities include creating an untitled TXT file in the current folder, opening the current directory in Terminal or running a Shell command. Likewise, it lets you explore the current directory in a new Finder window.

One of the most powerful features of this tool is that you can configure AppleScript code to run using the right-click, which opens up a world of endless possibilities if you know how to program. However, there is a limitation in this respect: Right Click Booster is available from the Apple App Store and the rules forbid it to install scripts, which is why you need another product by the same developer to avoid such restrictions.

All in all, Right Click Booster can boost your productivity by making new useful commands available from the contextual menu in Finder. Fortunately, this product is free to use; so you may want to give it a least a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • Boosts your productivity
  • Introductory tutorial
  • Supports adding scripts to your contextual menu
  • Perfect Integration with your system


  • Cannot install scripts without the help of another application
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