Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt

Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt is a hidden object point and click game.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 5
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Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt is a hidden object adventure game where you play as a detective. Your objective is to investigate a case in Osville town after one of its residents sought for your assistance. The tiny city was invaded by a swarm of spirits that's looking for young girls.

After you finish watching the introductory cinematic you see your character at the city boarder. You meet the townswoman who requested your presence and gives you your first task: rescue her younger sister and mother from their own house. From that point on, you will need to explore various location, interact with characters, and solve numerous puzzles.

As you advance with your investigation, you learn an interesting story: the romantic entanglement between the king's daughter and Death himself. You will need to defeat the three Horsemen of Apocalypse and save the town from the evil. Death will offer you assistance from time to time even though his powers aren't as powerful as they used to.

The plot is filled with numerous twists which make this game more addictive and interesting than it already was. I really enjoyed playing Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt. I liked everything from artworks and cinematics to storyline and challenges.

Hence, you should definitely buy this game if you're a fan of solving puzzles. Also, if you wish to have access to an additional chapter, I'd suggest you to try the Collector's edition.

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  • Impressive graphics and cinematics
  • Brings you many puzzles
  • Lets you choose between three difficulty levels
  • Captivating storyline
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Offers you hints


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