Reyburn CyberTuner

Reyburn CyberTuner 5.3

Computer software that turns a laptop into an advanced visual tuning device
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Reyburn CyberTuner is computer software that turns a laptop computer into the most advanced visual tuning device ever created for tuning pianos. Reyburn CyberTuner (RCT) is the only piano visual tuning device to take full advantage of a computer's graphical monitor screen, fast processor speed, and large storage capacity.Smart Tune combines a micro-pitch raise with a fine tuning to do a one pass tuning and pitch raise on pianos up to 20 to 25 cents flat.Smart Tune takes more information from the piano and tuner to form an almost perfect custom overpull chart for each individual piano. The result saves you one pass on many or most pianos, 20 to 40 minutes per piano. That's time you could be doing repairs and charging for them, or just getting home early for the same pay. RCT accommodates all experience levels, letting beginning tuners "point-and-click" and offering advanced tuners unlimited customizable stretch choices. Pitch raising (and lowering) with RCT is extraordinarily accurate and fast.

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