Remote Backup Magic

Remote Backup Magic 4.2

This is a system utility that lets you carry out different types of backups.

Remote Backup Magic is a system utility that lets you carry out different types of backups. It is often recommended that you store your backed up files on remote locations to ensure their availability in the case of a catastrophic system failure. This application lets you store your backup files in an e-mail account, FTP server, or a network drive.

You can add as many backups, which are called "sets" within the application. The first button on the toolbar opens the "add or edit set window". From here, you can specify the files or folders that you want to back up. There is no limit of files. The only limit will be the available space on your desired backup location. This is configured on the third tab of this window. Here, you can add the connection details for your FTP server or e-mail account, or select the network folders where you want to store the files.

The application supports encryption, compression and scheduling. There are three encryption algorithms available: Blowfish, AES and Serpent. Files can be compressed using ZIP and all the files can be compressed into a single compressed archive, which can save a lot of time. As far scheduling is concerned, your backups can be carried out daily, weekly or monthly automatically at a specified time.

In conclusion, this backup utility has all the features to make it great. The app isn't expensive at all, compared with other similar solutions, and it has a simple interface. It is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a backup utility that lets you transfer your files to a network drive, FTP server or e-mail account automatically.

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