Regex Widget for VNOS 1.0

tool for visual text parsing
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VNOS, the Visual Network Operating System, is a patented, visual object based platform that allows you to integrate any number of data sources from any number of manufacturers. Think of creating a flow diagram to visually depict how you'd like to solve any problem, except your VNOS application is live as you develop it.
What's new in this version:
VNOS 1.0 with the Regex beta is now available for a free 30-day Test Drive at the VNOS Developer Web site. Regex and VNOS together will allow developers and IT staff to use text from common sources like web pages or log files to automate portions of their job.
By using standard VNOS functionality such as cloning and aliasing the graphical Regex fields, the Regex Widget enables developers to parse Web pages, databases, and other text to retrieve specific text and combine the results to cre...



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