RealStrat 3.0

An application that allows you to get a Stratocaster sound from a MIDI keyboard.
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With RealStrat you will be able to get your MIDI keyboard to sound just like a Fender Stratocaster. The application is based on samples, recorded on a real Fender guitar and can mimic just about all guitar techniques for both solo and strumming playing like tremolo, slide, bend or trill. Even more so, RealStrat models the sound of guitar pedal effects like Sustain, Wah Wah and Feedback.

The application is thoroughly customizable which may not attract users who are looking for instant results. RealStrat however comes with a set of audio and video tutorials designed to speed up the learning process.

The interface displays both guitar fretboard and piano keyboard layouts. As you play on your MIDI keyboard, both layouts will mirror the notes (appropriate fret and piano keys).

In order to customize the sound output, I added a Bend effect for Solo guitar playing and Slide Up effect when playing Chords. The range of sound possibilities is even greater; RealStrat also includes Harmony, Bass & Chord, Bass & Pick performance modes.

By using the Pattern Manager you can generate or use existing accompaniment tracks, creating a professional rehearsing environment.

RealStrat is limited to the sound of a Fender Stratocaster but due to the accurate and realistic emulation capabilities, it is more than enough.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Based on real Stratocaster sounds
  • Pattern manager
  • Can mimic slides, bends, strumming


  • Stratocaster sound only
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