RDP - Remote Desktop for Windows 1.1

Remotely control the desktop of a PC on your Mac.
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Work with the set of remote controls for computers. Access the desktop of a remote device without installing any drives. Automatically process connection data and find the PC on a network, configure the access parameters, work with remote content and processes.

If you want to control your Windows PC via Mac, then RDP - Remote Desktop for Windows is the simplest way for you. When I say simple I mean no installation on your server, no configuration, and no registration, all you need to do is to input the IP address of your server. The interface is very crisp and clear, and there is no more other redundant buttons and distracting information. Once you are connected to your server, you can take full control of it without latency, as if you were sitting in front it.
Assist a family member with their Internet troubles, process a file stored in your home PC when your are away, or control the computer in your lab when you are at home, all on your Mac.
RDP - Remote Desktop for Windows makes it possible that you can appear in two places at one time!

✫✫Easy to set up✫✫
Totally safe and clear and no need to install any client-end on your PC. The operation is so simple that all your work is to input your IP, then you can take full control of your PC. For the first time you also need to power your PC’s remote link on.
✫✫Direct Connection✫✫
Connect to your server directly without registering a account. The next time you can connect to your server by simply click the history record without imputing the IP again.
✫✫Smooth Operation✫✫
Control your Windows PC smoothly. Edit files, open and run programs, or simply view what's on your Windows PC. Wherever you are accessible to the Internet your Mac and PC are one.

✫✫No resolution limit✫✫
Accessible to all kinds of the resolutions on PC. Display all the contents from PC on Mac with auto adjustment.
Not limited to only one PC. You are allowed to establish connections to any reachable PC.
✫✫Multiple OS We got you covered.✫✫
No matter What operation system you are using, Mac OS X or Mountain Lion, RDP - Remote Desktop for Windows installs easily and works seamlessly on your Mac.
RDP - Remote Desktop for Windows is the go-to app for at-home and business interoperability. Increasing your productivity makes your life more easier.

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