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Rapid Note is a small productivity tool for the Mac. It allows you to quickly create notes and store them for later reference. The app sits on the menubar, and it can be called up by either clicking on its icon or pressing a hotkey. By default, the hotkey is Command + Option + N. But you can change that to any combination of the keys Command, Option, Control, Shift, and any letter. When you press the hotkey, a new window will pop-up. Here, you can start typing your note. When you are done, you can click on the "+" button to save the note, or use one of the hotkeys to do that. On this window, you will see a button that looks like an eye. When you click it, a pane with all your saved notes will be opened. And you can edit them or copy what's in them. The app also allows you to export the notes to a plain-text TXT file.

In short, Rapid Note is a nice note-taking app. It lets you add notes without disrupting your workflow too much. If you are a user of the more advanced apps like Evernote, you will miss some features like syncing, formatting, support for images, and more. But if all you need is an app that you can call with a hotkey and don't need the extra features, then Rapid Note will most certainly do.

José Fernández
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  • Hotkey support
  • Can export to TXT


  • No advanced features
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