RandomPasswords 1.0

It is a simple yet powerful tool designed to generate complex passwords.
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RandomPasswords is a simple yet powerful tool designed to generate complex passwords for applications, websites, and personal accounts. The program is intuitive and easy to use. It offers to generate passwords at random, based on types of characters that you select.

The tool has a clear-cut interface. Depending on what type of characters you prefer your password to include, you can select uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and special characters. In addition, you can add extra characters to be taken into account when building the password, and subsequently, you can exclude specific characters from being included into your password. These categories of characters can be selected and deselected manually. However, the program comes with several password-generation presets that will help you obtain complex passwords in no time and with minimum effort.

The tool lets you define the length of each generated password, ranging from eight to thirty-two characters. The strength of the new password can be monitored by means of a control slider that turns progressively into green as the complexity of the key combination increases.

RandomPasswords is an efficient password generator. The fact that the passwords are issued without the influence of a human mind makes the password impossible to guess and very difficult to break.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Generates complex passwords
  • Can define the password's length
  • Password-generation presets
  • Monitors the password's strength
  • Allows you to exclude specific password characters


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