RAGE WebDesign 3.6

Html source code editor with built in support for XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, ASP, VBScript and more.
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RAGE WebDesign is an html source code editor with built in support for XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, ASP, VBScript and more. WebDesign was built with extensibility in mind. Dozens of FREE add-ons including plug-ins, language extensions, Syntax coloring files and more are freely available from the RAGE Software web site. SOme features include; Auto Complete and code hinting suggests possible tags, attributes and attribute values Check document links, images, anchors, style sheets, javascripts and other external files Convert entire web sites to XHTML and CSS Check document syntax and accessibility Intelligent syntax coloring for HTML, PHP, CSS and more... Live preview of web sites as you build them, including client/server scripts File Includes allow editing one file to change entire site Site Manager helps keep your web site up to date and organized Auto conversion of HTML Entities as you type Auto conversion of styled text to HTML, XHTML or CSS Drag & Drop tools palette Customizable tool bar Attribute editor allows easy editing of tag attributes Advanced find & replace, including multi-file search and powerful Regular Expression features Condense text into smaller pictures Upload and download files or folders right from your FTP server Visually create Image Maps, form controls and other HTML elements Check and Optimize HTML Syntax Download web pages directly off the web Create plug-ins to extend WebDesign's functionality
What's new in this version:
[FIX] Fixed problems with right clicking [FIX] Fixed Insert Line break menu which inserts XHTML tags when working with XHTML documents [FIX] Fixed Select to End Tag and Find Next Tag features [FIX] Fixed cosmetic issues with the New Web Page Wizard [FIX] Fixed incorrect code being inserted with Web Page Wizard and the meta refresh tag [FIX] Many other minor bug fixes

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