QuickNotesX 1.1

notepad accessible from menu bar
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If you need a quick easy way to take notes. This is it. This notepad gives you instant access to your notepad whenever you need it from the menu bar. So if you are doing research or just taking down a phone number QuickNotesX is the way to go. It features: Unlimited Notes with smart advancing that tells if you want a new note to be created or to jump to the beginning of the notepad. System Menu Bar so its always there when you want it. Auto Hide - so if you want it to be gone while you work on other things just click away and watch it go. Floating - if you need it to be there ontop of everything while you work it'll stay there for you. startup on login - have it automatically startup when you login don't waste time launching it. part of the quick pack package so you get 2 apps for the price of one
What's new in this version:
Add the ability to search through notes either a single note or all of the notes at once

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