QuickMark - QR Code Reader 4.8

Free Reads, scans and generated various types of barcodes.
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Automatically scan barcodes and process them on your Mac. Generate digital combinations and send them to barcode printers. Interpret different coding systems and check the codes in formats like Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, etc. The utility supports auto updates.

QuickMark is a barcode reader application that allows you to automatically scan and generate multiple barcode formats (Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix) with your Mac.
Does not yet fully support Mountain Lion! Must allow permission to access Address Book to function on Mountain Lion! (To add scanned contacts or generate QR from contacts)
Main features:
* Scan 2D barcodes via built-in webcam
* Decode 2D barcodes you see on your screen with Transparent Mode
* Decode 2D barcodes from file or drag-and-drop
* Create your own 2D barcodes
Things you can do by reading a 2D barcode:
1. Access a web link
2. Send an email
3. Add a contact to Address Book
4. Navigate to a specific POI on online map (via browser)
5. Make a phone call (via Skype)
6. Send a SMS (via Skype)
7. Add an event to calendar
8. Supports Structured Append QR Codes
IMPORTANT: Must allow permission to access Address Book to function on Mountain Lion!
Go to System Preferences > Personal > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Contacts to check if the permission is enabled for the app.

NOTES: This app uses Mac's built-in webcam. But for Mac Mini, UVC compatible webcams may be used. Does not work with firewire DV cameras. Some webcams (e.g. Mac's built-in cameras) are without auto-focus and may not read smaller barcodes. This version does not read 1D barcodes. Camera Mode still works best because our app has most image samples to work with.
OS X 10.6.6 or above required.

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