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Free QtWeb Internet Browser has been developed as a project of LogicWare.
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QtWeb Internet Browser has been developed as a project of LogicWare & LSoft Technologies programmers, to be the most compact and fastest portable browser for the web surfing.
We analyzed most of players on browsers market (IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome...) and found common problems making them inconvenient to use for our specific tasks:
Large installation and installed package size - makes inconvenient to distribute them in the environment where media space is limited
Lack of, or very poor portability - most applications either unable to run as stand-alone executable (without installation), or require a lot of supporting files
A lot of dependencies - in all cases to run the software you require either installed ActiveX, or a lot of supporting DLLs
Not flexible User Interface - customization sometimes offered via Skins, however we didn't find the way of simulating another OS styles
Poor privacy - in all tested cases after full browser reset and de-installation - we detected some Registry entries, or files being left in user folders

This gave us an idea of writing an alternate web browser - very compact, portable and secure, as well as changing appearance and application style on-the-fly (to be able to test how different web sites look like under different environments: Windows CE/XP/Vista, Linux, Unix...). For us it was just interesting, how difficult it is to develop a fully-functional web browser that is comparable by functionality with most of major players... And be even better in some privacy, and UI features... And be very compact (6MB) and portable. So we developed QtWeb for our specific tasks. We do not pretend QtWeb to be very popular on the browsers market, however we will be pleased if QtWeb helps someone. Below are the scenarios where QtWeb could help you.

QtWeb usage scenarios:
Limited Windows environment (Windows booting and running from CD / DVD / USB Flash - WinPE, BartPE)
Portable scenarios (minimum dependencies, can be run directly from CD or USB, no installation is required, settings and caches stored locally)
Strong privacy required (no traces of browsing to be left on the local machine while browsing, or after browser has been reset)
Clean browsing environment (all toolbars, including navigation bar, can be turned off or docked anywhere, and even moved outside the main browsing window)
Multimedia machines (no keyboard, simple and convenient mouse navigation and all major functions easy access)

QtWeb is based on open source Apple's WebKit and Nokia's (former Trolltech) Qt framework.

QtWeb is a free, non-commercial and open source project.

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