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Pyware is the recognized leader of drill design software worldwide.

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Pyware is the recognized leader of drill design software worldwide. 3D has not only been a staple item for High School and College Bands, but it has been used in special events such as Super Bowl half time shows, the Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies, over 90% of all college bowl games, major parades, movies such as "Drumline," and even on Broadway. 3D Basic is a lower cost edition with all of the advanced 3D features for designing and printing drill. This product was developed for the marching band director that needs to design their own field show.
- Print, Import & Export Production Sheet: The Popular 3D Production Sheet has been improved to help you communicate your show ideas quicker and easier than before! Now you can print and export your Production Sheet to ship out for approval, or import your production sheet from your favorite spreadsheet application! Also included with the Production Sheet are two additional Notes columns, and the Production Sheet will now stay hidden when in a tool.
- New Fixed Interval Float Tool: This new tool allows you to float a transition while taking curved pathways. The Fixed Interval Float Tool also has an option to lock intervals, so performers that are transitioning on a curved pathway will maintain the same distance between themselves throughout the maneuver.
- Rotatable Props: A long requested feature, props now have the ability to be rotated any angle.

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