Psytools 1.0

A tool for the administration of cognitive tasks and questionnaires.
1.0 (See all)

Psytools is a framework for the administration of cognitive tasks and questionnaires that can use the internet for data collection and task distribution.
This app is designed specifically to provide a stable environment for your study's measures, and to reliably and securely handle the resultant data, returning it to the servers. The tasks are downloaded once for all users of a machine before they are administered and can then be performed off-line. Results are securely transmitted back to the server when an internet connection is available, and if the connection fails the Psytools smart client will try again at another time.
In the case of child participants, parents can leave their children to perform tasks off-line, and connect to the internet later themselves to return the data. This ensures that parents have control over their children's internet usage.

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