Property Maintenance Tracker

Property Maintenance Tracker 1.14

Track and manage your property.

Property Maintenance Tracker (PMT) collects and tracks property maintenance data and calculates when subsequent maintenance is due. PMT is intended for single-family homes but the format can handle other properties such as townhomes, duplexes etc. An an example of maintenance is: Your house furnace needs service by a heating and cooling contractor. PMT stores a database of providers (like the contractor), a list of tasks (like furnace service) and a list of properties (could be your house, another house you own but rent to another person). Data for the maintenance and the component databases is saved and can be used to document and plan maintenance. It displays overdue maintenance, provides on-screen reports, printed reports and reminders via the system user notification center.
What's new in this version:
New data entry change mode Mini-calendar date selection New application icon Replaced deprecated internals Add/Change buttons clear data entry fields. Delete button doesn't clear data entry to allow easy addition after a mistake Delete key works like delete(-) button Property, task and pr...

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