Private Contact

Private Contact 3.5

Application to manage an always-encrypted address book to protect your privacy and keep your contacts really private.

Private Contact is a contact management tool that allows you to encrypt your contact information to keep it secure on your Mac. Encryption is optional, though, so you can use this app to simply add contact information and manage it. Contacts can be added individually, or if you keep your contact information in Address Book, you can import it from there. This option is available from the File menu. A new window will pop up with all your Address Book contacts. You can simply check those that you want to import, or click on the Import All button.

Once your contacts have been added, you can edit their information, just like you would in Address Book, or you can assign them categories. The default category is Generic, but you can click on the "Edit Categories" button to add new ones or change the ones that are already active. In this window, you will see the number of contacts in each category.

Private Contact has a very nice design, which makes it easy to manage your contacts. I like that the application has on-screen help in most of the steps. For example, when you are entering a password, the app smartly suggests that you write it down in a secure location. If you type a password that is too short or weak, the app will ask you to enter a better password.

Unfortunately, during my testing, the application crashed quite a few times after I imported my Address Book data and started managing it.

José Fernández
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  • Good interface
  • Help
  • Encryption
  • It can import contacts from Address Book


  • It crashed
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