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Prison Mayhem 1.4

Devastated on discovering the shameful truth about his family’s Mafia background...
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Prison Mayhem is a time management game for the Mac. In this game, you are a prison guard whose family are gangsters and crime lords. You become a prison guard to help rehabilitate inmates. There are quite a few duties that you have to attend to as a guard. Inmates will start arriving at your prison, and you will have to dress them first and then put them in cells. You have a limited number of cells, so timing is important. After an inmate is put into a cell, he will want to eat, and you have to feed him. You do this by clicking on the food and then on the cell. You can only carry two plates at a time. If the inmates get too violent, you have to calm them down by stunning them. And after a while, their time will be up and you have to release them and then inspect to cell to make sure it is ready for new inmates. You can chain activities, which gives you extra points. Dressing inmates in the color of the cell will also give you a bonus. After a while, the game does get crazy. You have tons of inmates waiting and you are constantly clicking here and there trying to do everything in the given time. With the money that you make, you can buy items that will make your job easier, like tiled floors, better shoes, etc.

In short, if you like time-management games, I don't see why you wouldn't want to try this one. If you get too stressed when you have to be clicking all the time, then let this one pass.

José Fernández
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  • It is well made
  • It can be fun


  • I find this type of games too stressful
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