PrimeTime Draft Hockey 2015

Take your fantasy hockey draft party into PrimeTime.
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Step up to PrimeTime Draft Hockey 2015 digital draft board software. It's easy to use, visually stunning, flexible, reusable, and specifically designed for HDTVs. A digital draft board should be simple and easy to use. PrimeTime Draft Hockey 2015 is designed to be used by anyone hosting a fantasy hockey draft party. We keep the user interface streamlined so that you spend less time managing the draft and more time enjoying the party. Everyone should always see the entire draft board during the draft. PrimeTime Draft Hockey 2015 dynamically sizes to fit the entire draft board on your HDTV. Everyone can see every team and every round - all the time. Once you've experienced PrimeTime Draft Hockey 2015, you'll never want to draft any other way.
What's new in this version:
Continued emphasis on contemporary design RemoteView allows remote users to see the entire draft board and even draft their own players RemoteBackup saves the draft data for backup, sharing and archiving Draft report card evaluates who had the best and worst drafts



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