PPF-O-Matic 4.5

Apply a PPF patch to prevent sizable data packages from corruption.
4.5 (See all)
A well-known PlayStation-patching application. Apply a PPF patch to prevent sizable data packages from corruption in the process of downloading and avoid downloading the whole package again. The PPF (PlayStation Format Files) patch usually alters the photo file, not the included content.

This tool is used to apply Playstation Patch Format files (.ppf)It supports V1-V4 of the .ppf filesSample binaries and ppf files can be downloaded for testing from my project page (zipped, unzip to use) on the following link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ppfosuite/files/Apple_TestThis tool will enable you to apply PPF patch files.I have uploaded both sample .bin files (original and patched) as well as 2 PPF files (a V3 and a V4, both for the same images).On bina.bin you will be able to apply either of the patches, then you can compare if they are identical and then undo on binb.bin either of the patches.The files are stores on my project page on following URL:I have set up testable files (zipped, unzip to use) on the following link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ppfosuite/files/Apple_TestThe app is also sandboxed to disable unwanted internet access or malware, only file access and printing (of the PPF description) is enabled. Other PPF files can also be fetched from the internet... they are widely used to patch up PS2/PS2/XBox .iso files.

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